Maitri Amruttulya Best Tea Franchise

Maitri Amruttulya Best Tea Franchise

Maitri Amruttulya is the best in the Tea franchise business. The main product tea taste is awesome and it gaining popularity day by day. The Matri Amruttulya Team has bigger vision and working in continues business development which help new as well as old franchise outlet.

Maitri tea franchise business offer High value brand setup with minimum cost. The investment is one third in comparison with big establish leaders. Even we have low cost tea franchise, outlet setup is never been compromise.

Maitri Amruttulya franchise is cheapest because of minimum franchise fees and flexible and Zero margin business in interior part. being an franchise owner you have opportunity to build and save interior cost little bit (setup need to be done as per brand standard and values).

From the Tea franchise business Maitri amruttulya offered 40% profit and 60% production cost. which is also higher in the market. Tea making process is proven with preset formula with air packed pouches of Masala, Sugar, Tea Powder with Standard Timer setting. With this scientific process Maitri Amruttulya tea franchise claim that same taste in every cup across all Outlet. Same time there is well organized training at the home branch which assured each outlet has experience staff from day one.

There is Zero hidden recurring cost in Maitri Amruttulya tea franchise module. Zero royalty, Zero Marketing Expenses, Just one time Franchise fees and outlet setup cost. With the sale of 3000 cup in a day will assure you 3.50 Lacs assured profit in gross.

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