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  • Which is the best Amruttulya in India?
    Maitri Amruttulya is very well know brand and the Best Amruttulya Tea in India.
  • Which is the best Amruttulya Franchise in India?
    Maitri Amruttulya is Best Amruttulya Franchise in India.
  • Which tea franchise is best?
    Maitri Amruttulya is Best Tea Franchise in India.
  • How do I get a tea franchise? How do I get a chai franchise? How can I get franchise of Amruttulya?
  1. You should have own or rented shop with minimum 100-120 sqft space. Also ample of space outside of shop.
  2. Water connection required in shop should available for washing and cleaning utensils, cups.
  3. Gas stove usage should be allowed in the shop.
  4. Appropriate budget for Maitri AMruttulya Franchise Package and shop interior.
  5. Shop Act license, Food license and necessary licenses required by local authority are compulsory before opening the outlet.
  • Which is the best tea franchise in Maharashtra?
    For the one who wants to start his own business, the franchise of Maitri Amrutatulya Tea is one of the best tea franchise opportunities in Maharashtra. With ‘low investment, great returns’, Maitri  Amrutatulya is helping people to become entrepreneurs.
  • Is Maitri Amruttulya franchise profitable?
    100% Maitri Amruttulya Franchise is profitable business. We have over 100 outlets across India and growing very fast. Next 3 years time span we’re supposed to open 1000+ outlets.
    Its food business and having profit margin around 60-80% which is way higher than any other businesses.

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